Feeling Nostalgic in 2024

In doing a lot of research in what was trending towards the end of 2023 and what we are hearing from couples this year, there seems to be one major trend for 2024: nostalgia. This year were going to see more retro and vintage style aspects to weddings. You’re going to see a lot of things that trended back in the day making a major comeback in the wedding industry this year. After everything that has happened the last few years, people are looking to celebrate in a more wholesome and authentic way, a lot of times involving aspects of their childhood and memories of simpler times. As two fellow 90’s babies we couldn’t be more excited about these trends!

One of the main aspects of weddings we are going to see shift this year is photography. Film photography and candid content are making a big comeback and replacing the traditional posed portraits. Couples are wanting that home video vibe to their pictures. At NMV we are huge fans of capturing candid content of your wedding day of behind-the-scenes moments no one else may catch! We’re also going to see more disposable cameras and photobooths this year. Letting your guests be involved with capturing moments is a fun way to look back at your wedding day! 

Speaking of fun… décor this year is going to be fun, sparkly, and pops of color! Disco balls are making a huge come back and we are here for it! We’re seeing them used for the cutest photo backdrops and even centerpieces! We absolutely love a good neutral wedding color scheme, its timeless and elegant... However, this year we plan to see vibrant pops of color; rather that be in the florals in the bridal bouquets, aisle runners, centerpieces, bridesmaid dresses, and even the wedding cake!

Let’s talk wedding cakes, were thinking more icing this year and colors! We all love the white naked wedding cake trend but that’s going to change this year. Were going to see more icing this year, piped edges, and maybe even sprinkles?! The vintage style heart shape cakes have been a major hit on social media lately. What doesn’t say love and nostalgia more than a heart shaped wedding cake?

After you’ve had all your delicious food and cake, you’ll be ready dance all that off! This year were predicting to see more live entertainment. Live music is starting to make a comeback in weddings, whether it’s a full band for your reception or a harpist for your ceremony. If live music isn’t what you’re looking for, getting a DJ that knows the classics and how to mix them in with newer music is sure to get your crowd dancing. Put up a few disco balls and hand out some cheap shades to your guests and it’s the perfect retro wedding reception! There’s nothing better than sitting back, as someone who works weddings, and seeing guests and the couple having the time of their lives.

Our team at NMV would love nothing more than to make your wedding dreams come true, especially if you are feeling nostalgic this year!

Photo Credits: Andy Roberts Photography