Ebony & Leo's romantic vow renewal





Getting married is a big deal, staying married is an even bigger deal and is something to be celebrated! Why limit yourself to just one celebration? Recommitting yourself to your partner through all you have endured and yet to together is a beautiful thing to experience. Working in the wedding industry, there is nothing like seeing two people say "I do" again no matter what the length of time may be between the first time they said it. 

We were so honored to host Ebony & Leo's vow renewal last year, on June 18th, 2023. They went with a timeless color scheme of white and ivory, with greenery. Florals and decor was done by Ebony and NMV. Ebony was an absolutely breath taking bride,  Touched by Tonjra did a wonderful job on her make up and she couldn't have picked a more perfect dress! Having guests wear all black was a beautiful touch to make Ebony, Leo, and their daughter center of attention.




The love that exuded through out the venue on this day was absoutely magical. Ebony and Leo reaffirmed their love for each other and commitment infront of many loved ones and adorn friends. There were tears and laughs, but most of all geniune smiles. Holly J Photography captured all the emotions and true beauty of this day! 


This year let's celebrate how far we have come in marraige, whether it's been 5 or 25 years!